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60 Min/Month

*$0.95/min overage


$79 - 60 minutes of call answering (only the time it takes for us to answer and transfer or take a message)

120 Min/Month

*$0.95/min overage


$129 - 120 mins of call answering (only the time it takes for us to answer and transfer or take a message)


300 Min/Month

*$0.95/min overage


$229 - 300 mins of call answering (only the time it takes for us to answer and transfer or take a message)


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What our customers are saying

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I practice criminal defense. Some of my clients have mental health and/or substance abuse issues, but the receptionists answering my calls deal with my clients very professionally. I strongly recommend USAnswer.

Robert LeBrasseur
Robert LeBrasseur
Criminal Attorney

Without USAnswer, I don't think I could have succeeded in growing from a one man operation, to several staff members and a full fledged company!

John Casto
John Casto
Action Fitness

I couldn't be happier with USAnswer. Things were getting out of control with all the calls we were getting. They really saved the day for us and we can get in touch with them all the time.

Amber Gerry
Amber Gerry
Greenlight Residential

See the impact USAnswer can have on your small business success.

We’re Different than Other Live Answering Companies


This is the basic business model for every live answering service company out there. Our Model is just the opposite. We strive to answer your calls professionally, but efficiently and keep your minutes as low as possible.

During the setup process you will choose a pricing tier. This package includes a certain amount of minutes per month the receptionists will use to answer, forward, and/or take a message for your company. You are allowed to go over your minutes, but the next month we recommend you be move up to the next tier. We will charge you $0.95 cents for every minute past your chosen minute-per-month amount up to the next tier. Similarly, if your minutes decrease substantially, we will recommend you move back down. We understand you may have fluctuations in call volumes throughout the year.

We will transfer calls or send messages via text or email to all your employees.

Our system runs on the latest cloud-based technology and is designed to streamline this.

Access your messages and minutes used and update us in real-time on your availability to receive transferred calls online and on your mobile device.

Our technical gurus are working hard on a new customer web portal and mobile app.

In case you were wondering….


USAnswer has no call centers

So, if you have decided that voicemail is no longer suitable for your small business and you are looking to try an answering service that will sound like the personal virtual receptionist is actually in your office, we invite you to try us out secured for 30 days by a money back guarantee.

All of the receptionists at USAnswer are local to Portland, Maine. We personally select new team members and have them go through an extensive training process to ensure they are ready to answer phones. The new team members are in a significant training period before they start picking up regular shifts.

We invite you to see for yourself and try us now with a 30 day money-back guarantee!

USANswer 30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are on this page you already know to compete with your competitors voicemail is no longer a suitable option or strategy for your small business. You are also probably hesitant to hire an answering service because they have a bad reputation and rightly so. In the USA, 90% of answering service companies are connected to the soon to be extinct public telephone network. This nearly ancient technology requires complex telecommunications equipment with human interaction, a recipe for disaster.

USAnswer Salesforce

Recent advances in cloud-based technology systems have created an opportunity to completely alter the telephone answering services industry. New entrants that are using cloud based technology running on voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) can easily do things not even imaginable by companies that are using complex telecommunications systems connected to the public telephone network.

USAnswer.com is secured with an SSL certificate so you can feel safe when sending data or payments with us.

USAnswer SSL

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Our Technical Staff Is Working Around The Clock For The 2015 Update Release....It Is So Sweet That They Could Not Help But Give A Sneak Peek....CHECK IT OUT NOW!!

80% of your callers - including potential new customers - hang up when they get voicemail...don't you think it's time to stop losing incoming business? Get started with USAnswer today and I promise you will be happy with our services or your money back. It's guaranteed!
Paul Diou

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