Are You Listening?

Alissa Gumprecht · September 11th, 2018

It is Business 101 to know your customer. But are you always listening? Are you always ready to capture their feedback in the moment, hearing what they are telling you? It is not always easy for busy executives and business leaders to do just that. Often, successful business leaders are so focused on their strategy and future growth, that they are not in the here and now. That’s not a bad thing, not at all. In fact, they should be.

However, successful businesses of today must listen to what their customers and prospects want. Today’s customers, consumers, buyers of your business or services demand to be heard. They have access to so much information before they even get to your front door. An informed customer is a good customer but their expectations of being heard in the midst of a transaction are exponentially higher than in the past. Who is listening? It is paramount to your success that you have someone on the front lines who knows how to do just that, listen; and to do it well.

The initial contact with today’s consumer – that first impression – is key. It is ripe with opportunity for you to gain market research, understanding what that informed consumer has decided is important to them in their buying decisions. They have questions and they expect answers. Empowering your front lines with the key information and tools to capture not just the consumer’s contact information but those important details that will make them YOUR customer is imperative.

Small businesses need to capture that moment the best, and the most. They feel the impact of a lost opportunity harder than larger businesses. But how do you do that without overextending your resources? Hiring a virtual receptionist can add that value for you. They can take the right kind of message for you if you provide them with the scenarios to actively listen to your customers. They can be the market researchers you never knew you had because they will be speaking with customers in the moment that they need your services or product and are willing to talk about it.

Let us listen for you. We can be that front line that captures the moment, the key information you need to be successful with that customer and every customer who calls.