Secret Weapon

Alissa Gumprecht · August 3rd, 2018

Who needs a Professional yet personal virtual receptionist/ assistant? Today we’re going to review a few reasons that companies are turning to virtual receptionists to assist their business.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses may want to project a professional image by having a professional voice (not their own) answer and forward their phone calls for them. Sometimes work gets too busy managing projects and meetings, having someone there to process incoming communications with a friendly and professional personality can be a huge asset to their business.

Many small businesses are fed up with the unreliability of voicemail. Current studies show that 80 percent of callers hang up when they get to voicemail. This can mean life or death for a solo entrepreneur who has their hands full with getting their business off the ground but can’t risk losing that next big client.

A virtual receptionist can cost as little as $98 a month, a $2,000+ monthly savings over a traditional full-time receptionist. With talk of minimum wage going to $15 per hour, it makes that position almost impossible to afford for a business just starting out. $98 a month for live 24/7 answer/forward service is hard to beat even for small businesses that can afford the expense of in-house assistants.

Anyone who works in a trade and is too busy to answer the phone but, again, does not want to lose business to voicemail can benefit from a virtual receptionist. Tradespeople make up the profession with the highest percentage of callers that hang up when they get to voicemail. Quite often there’s a sense of urgency and the caller will move on down the list until they reach a live person.

Plenty of industries rely on answering services. Some other examples of businesses that benefit from these services are:

  • Doctors who work office hours but still need to be available for emergencies any time.
  • Plumbers, contractors and other field workers who need to be aware of job additions and other schedule changes.
  • Sales reps who don’t want to miss leads but also don’t want to be interrupted during a client meeting.
  • Solo entrepreneurs who need professional communications staff for their virtual offices.
  • Large corporations need call centers to take product orders, explain how to use products or provide more information about them.
  • Service organizations, like insurance companies, that need staff to handle routine inquiries about premium deadlines and coverage limits.
  • Companies that have experienced a serious snowstorm or power outage who need an immediate way to handle communications.

You don’t need to spend thousands maintaining a traditional front office when starting at $98 per month you can get it all, or at least the important stuff: a professional, courteous live receptionist to answer, service, and forward your phone calls to wherever you want them to go.