The Smart Way to Capture Leads

Alissa Gumprecht · August 6th, 2018

In a study by SMB Digitalscape of 700,000 small business websites in the US, more than 65% of all small businesses did not prominently feature their telephone number on their homepage. They also did not have a web lead form for people to request more information from. While most small businesses now have a website, these websites were built by web 1.0 web designers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The sites are coded in HTML and typically don’t incorporate any search engine optimization (SEO) either.

Image is tantamount to success as well; a cluttered or cumbersome website can also lead to lost sales. Impress new clients with a modern web design that demonstrates functionality with aesthetics that are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. If your clients can easily discover your business and learn about your offerings, they are more likely to utilize your contact form!

Having a functional website is important, but it is no longer the sole means of gaining contacts. Google and social media platforms have become key components in small business marketing, allowing customers to find their businesses through analytics and keywords. Boost your signal on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram, utilizing their blogging and networking capabilities to reach potential customers.

Once you’ve hooked a potential lead, you need to have a method of contact that is easy for customers to use. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a live answering service. According to a study of 8,000 telephone calls by RentLinx, a property management software company, only 20% were answered live. The rest went to voicemail. Fortune estimates that 80% of callers that are sent to voicemail hangup. Answering services are the only choice. A new breed of answering service is emerging, using cloud-based systems, connected to the voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) network. These services provide a virtual receptionist for your business that can instantly connect you with your clients without the fuss of automated systems or relay messages when you are busy. These trained professionals save you time and money, replacing the conventional in-office assistants with on-call support that is reliable and educated in your business’ needs.

In this day and age, small businesses that optimize their websites for web search and social media, feature their telephone number prominently on their homepage, and have a live person answering their phone will have a substantial advantage over their competitors. Join the future of small business and hire a virtual receptionist today!